What is your work about?

My work is a testament to DIY science, independent thinking, progression versus oppression, personal growth through living in connection with all living things. Above all else, it is a love letter to the ever-decreasing natural world– a biologic and ecologic visual case study of the intricacy, delicacy, and unwavering resilience of the wild.

How long have you been working as a professional illustrator?

The real answer? Since I was about 7 years old getting paid in quarters to draw Lion King fan art in elementary school for other kids. That being said, I officially started freelancing professionally when I was about 23 years old in 2013. A kind stranger on reddit requested an epic drawing of the Starship Enterprise in charcoal, and I completed the drawing for a modest fee and my first badge as Pro Artist. From there my work evolved quickly. I met wonderful artists, worked with clients on interesting projects, was invited to have my work in gallery shows, and so many other exciting opportunities. Around 2018, my personal life took a major turn and I pulled back on creating as regularly or sharing as publicly. Over the next few years I put all of my energy into my work as an environmental educator with the Audubon Society, created personal art, took 100 hikes (actually, there were a lot more than that!), and got myself through some serious therapy. My inner compass needed some major recalibrating. What better way to reset than to explore this wild natural world of ours? Hell, i didn’t even know that was what I needed–I just hiked and made art. A lot. In the process of doing so I gained a new sense of self and a rekindled passion for doing what I love most: connecting with nature, with myself, and with other people through the power of creativity.

What tools do you use for your work?

Head over to my post about tools to browse the materials I’m currently working with.

I want a tattoo, can you draw me one?

I am humbled, truly! Thank you for considering getting a drawing of mine transferred on your skin. That’s a huge gesture of support and I can’t express enough gratitude.

I accept all commissions on a case-by-case basis, and this is true for tattoo designs. I am not a trained tattoo artist and do not claim to fully understand how a design will work with the natural curvature of the human body, as I obviously am used to working on flat paper. However, many people have had my work tattooed on them with great results, and I am happy to discuss the details of your project through email ( Prices typically start at $75 and go up from there depending on complexity.

But wait, I just saw a drawing you did that I really like and I want it tattooed on my booty. That cool?

Sure is! If you see a design that you want to get tattooed, please still email me to inquire on usage rights. Many of my drawings posted on social media, my online portfolio, or my blog are fair game unless specifically designated as private commission work, which is prohibited from being used (you wouldn’t want to see your one-of-a-kind artwork floating around on someone else’s body, right?).

For ANY image use, I ask a very modest one-time fee of $40, which can be purchased at this link. I also ask to be credited for doing the work if any photos of the completed tattoo are posted publicly (just tag @jennjoslinartI’d love to see the finished work!). Honor system here, folks. I believe art should be accessible to everybody, but the funds do help purchase the supplies (and time!) that go into creating the actual work in the first place.

Where can I find your creative work?

Here on my website for starters, and you can head over to my webstore to browse prints, originals, and other products currently for sale. Also check out my blog for some behind the scenes images and writings from my studio.

Are you taking commissions?

I happily take on projects depending on how full my schedule is month to month. Please get in touch with me at with your ideas–I’d love to hear them!

Are your shipping materials sustainable?

YES. I did an incredible amount of research over the years to ensure the art supplies and materials used to ship my work strike a balance of sustainable, affordable, and high quality.I use recycled rigid kraft mailers, recycled kraft packing paper, and kraft shipping tubes. The polyvinyl sleeves used to protect artwork is curbside recyclable. 

What are your shop policies? 

Thank you for asking! Please click here for my current regulations regarding shipping and custom commissions.

Music tastes?

SO much punk, folk punk, and country. Gimme all of it. I’ve been to hundreds of shows in basements, dives, and arenas and can honestly say that the only time i’m comfortable being in a crowd of people is when we’re all there to sing our hearts out to some amazing tunes. It’s the best way to combat social anxiety, release emotion, and feel connected with people on a soul level. 

How did you learn to make art?

As a young kid I would go to the library of my small hometown in central California and trace the pages of every animation or nature book i could find. I was basically Matilda but for art. And no telekensis, bummer. I always carried a sketchbook and art materials around with me (I specifically remember using a lot of gel pens) and would even make my little brother model for me (entirely against his will of course). Since I was obsessed with animation I would play various films on my little TV/VHS combo (remember those?) and pause the tape to draw various characters I loved. Once I got to high school I quickly found community in the small but mighty art department. I was active in the art club and helped my art teacher plan and paint two large on-campus murals over the course of two school years. After high school I attempted to go to art school but realized I wanted “more”, which for me meant pursuing a degree in conservation biology. Over the years I continues to self-teach myself visual art through constant observation of the world around me, which greatly expanded in college. While my degree helped introduce me to some complex subjects and interesting people doing incredible things in the sciences, I explored nature extensively on my own and realized anybody could do this, no degree required. I could spend time with the natural world, observe it, learn about it and respect it all on my own. And learning about nature is so much more clear and engaging when I’m able to use my creativity to record it, to feel it, to really see it. 

Because honestly, having the freedom to explore the innerworkings of the world, to ask “why”, and to wonder “what if” is empowering–it is a lifelong journey of discovery that exponentially strengthens the deep (and often misunderstood) connection we all have within the web of nature. Visualizing these concepts through illustration provides an accessible approach to science communication that can span all levels of education. You don’t need a PhD to understand, enjoy, or even to create art or practice real science–it all starts at home. To hell with the gatekeepers.

Do you have any recommendations for improving my own work?

I have spent over 25 years of my life drawing and creating visual art in various forms. This means I’ve read a lot…A LOT…of books, particularly books on drawing, animation, and even biographies of some well-known creatives. I also make sure I explore a variety of different media and never limit myself to only one genre or subject. Creativity happens at the crossroads of intersecting ideas, so get out and follow the rabbit hole wherever your curiosity and passion takes you. Disclaimer: as a person with a brain who LOVES rabbit holes, I also know that I have the tendency to get stuck in them. Follow your interests, but do try to keep in mind your ultimate goal do you don’t end up feeling too overwhelmed. Why are you creating anything in the first place? Get to know your why, and the rest will fall into place as you work. Check out my “resources” page for the books, comics, films, organizations, and people who have greatly influenced me over the years as well as lots of great drawing resources I’ve found to be helpful. (COMING DECEMBER 2023)

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